Hebel is a great Fire Rated product whether it be it in blockwork or panel form. Dove Passive Fire uses this product for construction of both internal and external walls, shafts and penetration seals. It offers up to 4-hours of fire protection. A great product to work with as it is lightweight which is very handy in hard to access areas. It also has very strong acoustics.

Hebel comes in a variety of different products for uses in houses, multi-residential, apartments, commercial and industrial, and civil and utilities applications.

  • PowerPanel XL – used in houses for external walls and multi-residential buildings for intertenancy/party walls.
  • PowerPanel 50 – used in low rise multi-residential buildings intertenancy/dual zero boundary wall, and external walls. Also used for external walls in houses.
  • PowerPanel – Used in apartments, commercial and industrial buildings for intertenancy, corridor, shaft and service walls, facades and balcony blades.
  • PowerPattern – Used for facades.
  • PowerPanel+ - Used for external, internal walls and fire tunnels in commercial and industrial buildings.
  • PowerFloor - Used in houses and multi-residential developments.
  • PowerFloor+ – Used in apartments, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • PowerFence – Used in houses and multi-residential developments.
  • PowerBlock+ - Used for internal and external walls for residential, commercial and industrial construction
  • PowerShield – Used for fire and acoustic solutions in civil and utilities infrastructure.

We provide all aspects of consultation, testing and certification of Passive Fire systems.