Dove Passive Fire is an industry leader in passive fire protection, providing professional consultation, rigorous testing and certification of passive fire systems.

Our Company

Dove Passive Fire was established in 2018 by Christopher Dove to educate the industry on the importance of fire safety and eliminate misconceptions around passive fire while providing a multifaceted service that exceeds what is currently available in the market.

Fast forward to today, we pride ourselves as the leading destination for clients and building certifiers looking for reliable, high-quality, cost effective compliance solutions during the design and installation stages.

Built on the values of Integrity, Excellence and Transparency, we continue to challenge old standards and create new benchmarks.

We stand out in the industry because of our relentless commitment to seeking new and innovative ways to provide premium advice, quality services and tailored solutions to give you the confidence in knowing that your site meets Australian standards and is compliant.

Our Capabilities

With over a decade of experience in the fire industry, our highly skilled people are ready to offer you their extensive knowledge and insight into your fire safety needs. In addition, you can expect to receive unrivaled customer service combined with innovative and quality workmanship.

Our range of professional passive fire protection services include:

  • Project management
  • Consultation
  • Product supply
  • Fire stopping of service penetrations
  • Fire boards and fire rated batts
  • Fire resistance wraps for duct works
  • Hebel blockwork and panels
  • Fire rated access points
  • Vermiculite fire spray and speed panels
  • Fire resistant paint coatings
  • Fire doors and fire door frames
  • Problem solving and design solutions
  • Essential service audits, maintenance and compliance inspections

Our People

We challenge the norm, then raise the benchmark.

Our people are our greatest asset. We employ teams of project managers, technicians and administrators who are all highly skilled and competent. We also provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to enhance their capabilities.

Our Leadership

Our management team consists of the Director, the Construction Manager and the General Manager. Combined, they have decades of experience in the construction, property development and passive fire industries.

Christopher Dove


Christopher is a respected leader with extensive management experience in various industries.

Before starting Dove, he worked at one of Victoria’s largest passive fire companies, accountable for all aspects of operations, including project management, client liaison, product selection, staff management and training.

His accolades include diploma level qualifications in building, construction, health and safety.

Romeo Pulido

General Manager

Romeo is a Chartered Accountant with over twenty years of experience in construction and property development, having held senior management roles in finance, banking and project management.

He ensures Dove is operationally and financially strong by managing our cash flow, business planning and strategic initiatives. In addition, Romeo oversees all our systems and procedures to ensure they are well- placed to maintain organisational accountability and operational efficiency.

Our Services

Our Services - Project Management

Project Management

Our experienced project management team is ready to provide support during your next project.

We can be there at every stage, from conception to planning, execution, monitoring and closure, to provide you with up-to-date information and guidance while our skilled technicians install your passive fire systems.

The excellent outcomes we achieve for our clients reflect the high-quality work our project managers put into every project. For example, we may discover new tasks not previously considered.

In addition, through our team’s support and open communication, you can freely relay this information to our project managers, who will then adjust and allocate our technicians accordingly, helping you stay on track with your desired project completion dates.

Innovative Solutions and Design

At Dove, we are the passive fire experts.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide practical solutions for fire safety and passive fire systems.

If you have ever asked yourself:

  • Is there another way?
  • Can I use a different product?
  • What can I do to save time and money?
  • Am I doing this the best way?

Then Dove Passive Fire can help. We can provide you with practical problem-solving solutions, including equipping you with a compliant system that works effectively and is economical.

Our Services - Vermiculite Fire Spray for Mechanical Ductwork and Structural Steel

Vermiculite Fire Spray for Mechanical Ductwork and Structural Steel

We are proud to be the exclusive supplier and accredited installer in Victoria of LAF Vermitex and Vermiduct products. Vermitex is a lightweight fire spray for substrates and Vermiculite is a fire spray for mechanical ductwork, electrical and data cable trays as well as fan enclosures and structural steel.

Vermitex, a lightweight coating for substrates, is a fantastic non-combustible cementitious compound specially formulated to provide excellent passive fire protection by spraying directly onto substrates.

Formulated from naturally occurring materials as a blend of gypsum and vermiculite, Vermitex contains no known health hazards, although standard precautions for gypsum still apply. Moreover, it does not contain organic fibres and will not be affected by humidity levels in commercial and infrastructure buildings.

Vermiduct is a lightweight, thin coating ideal for steel or polymer ducting, fan enclosures, plenums, wall penetrations, electrical and data cable trays, and separating construction. Being a developed gypsum-vermiculite product (plus trace chemical additives), it is non-combustible to AS 1530.1 and does not evolve smoke when tested to AS 1530.3.

Fire Resistance Wraps for Ductwork

We can provide you with fire-resistant wraps of varying types and sizes to ensure that your duct systems are fire rated to the correct level.

Our fire-resistant wraps are far more efficient and effective than traditionally used sprays.

Fire-resistant wraps offer many benefits, such as:

  • They can help to protect your building and its occupants.
  • They provide thermal insulation and sound dampening.
  • They are highly efficient to install, which enables our technicians to wrap pre-installed ductwork.
  • They can be formed to various material shapes, sizes and types.
Our Services - Fire Resistance Wraps for Ductwork
Our Services - Fire Stopping of Service Penetrations

Fire Stopping of Service Penetrations

Many buildings include service penetrations of varying types. Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical penetrations are the most common ones.

After service installation, service penetrations can be sealed with a range of products depending on the penetration size, required fire rating level (FRL) and substrate.

We can help you to achieve a FRL by using products such as pillows, mortars, sealants, intumescent wraps, collars, batts and boards and more to seal pre-existing service penetrations. Regardless of the service type, penetration size, or required FRL, Dove Passive Fire has a fire-stopping solution to meet your requirements.

In addition, if you are constructing a new building, we can provide you with proper planning and foresight to ensure that your anticipated service penetrations are up to standard right from installation.

As a result, you will save time and money and keep your penetrations up to the correct FRL. We will also use a selection of products to assist us in preparing for your future service penetrations.

Intumescent Fire Paint Protection for Steel Columns and Beams

We offer excellent quality fire paint solutions for a variety of applications.

Fire paints are aesthetically pleasing and take up minimal space due to their thin application.

The two types of fire-rated paint coatings that we use are fire retardant paint and intumescent paint, which is excellent when working with exposed steel in architectural designs or when upgrading the protection of existing steel in heritage buildings.

Our Services - Intumescent Fire Paint Protection for Steel Columns and Beams
Our Services - Hebel Blockwork

Hebel Blockwork

Hebel is a highly effective fire-rated product available in blockwork or panel form that can be used in houses, multi- residential, apartments, commercial and industrial, and civil and utility applications.

We utilise Hebel products extensively when constructing internal and external walls, shafts and penetration seals.

There are many benefits to using Hebel, such as:

  • It offers up to 4-hours of fire protection.
  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to use in hard-to-access areas.
  • It has solid acoustics.

Speed Panel Wall Systems

Speedpanel is a strong and lightweight building product made with an aerated concrete core with a galvanized steel shell that is great to use internally or as external cladding to create a fire and weatherproof boundary wall.

Installation is simple. All you need to do is slot it into top and bottom metal tracks with tongue and groove fittings between the panels.

It is a single-component plank-style fire rated product ready for installation from one side only.
Speedpanel also comes in various colour bond finishes.

Our Services - Speed Panel Wall Systems
Our Services - Fire Rated Access Points

Fire Rated Access Points

Access panels provide access points through fire-rated barriers such as ceilings, floors and shafts.

We stock a range of fire-rated access panels for continual access to these compartments.

For example, lift motor room hatches contain heavy-duty load properties used on a floor or walkway while maintaining a 2-hour fire rating. The frames are made for precise fitting in concrete openings and secured with specific fixings to achieve a compliant fix.

In situations where utilities are run underground in a pit, fire-rated pit covers maintain the integrity of the barrier while still allowing access for inspection, maintenance and upgrades.

Fire Boards and Fire Rated Batts Solutions

Fire-rated batts are a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the fire- rated boards we provide, which will save you money in situations where they can be applied.

Our technicians’ extensive knowledge of passive fire protection products means they can quickly identify non- load-bearing situations and appropriately apply fire-rated batts.

Batts and boards are used with many other passive fire protection products to achieve the required fire rating level.

Our Services- Fire Boards and Fire Rated Batts Solutions
Our Services - Fire Doors and Fire Door Frames Inspection and Installation

Fire Doors and Fire Door Frames Inspection and Installation

Fire and smoke doors are integral to containing a fire within a specific building area to ensure a safe and effective evacuation.

Our range of fire doors achieve protection between 60–240 minutes.

We can supply and install fire exit doors, fire doors and smoke doors in varying sizes for single and double doors, and we have a wide range available.

We can also fit new door frames and install the core filling of both new and existing frames.

Essential Service Audits, Maintenance and Compliance Inspections

The core component of our work includes the routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

Different components require inspection and reporting at varying frequencies. We support our clients in all aspects of the process, providing reporting, identifying fire and smoke walls, and carrying out remediation works.

Our specialty lines are within the ‘Passive Fire and Smoke Systems’ section outlined in the Australian Standard AS 1851–2012.

Our reports provide important information, such as:

  • Non-compliant items
  • Incorrect materials used
  • Unsealed penetrations
  • Areas of concern
  • Damaged or missing fire and smoke door sets
  • Locations, descriptions and photos for all non-compliant items
  • Quote to rectify the non-compliant items
Our Services- Essential Service Audits, Maintenance and Compliance Inspections
Our Services - Maintenance and Rectification

Maintenance and Rectification

As specialist consultants, we aim to identify and minimise potential errors that are both costly and time-consuming throughout a project.

We do this as part of our consultation package, which involves engaging the builders and companies in your project to increase transparency and provide a support framework based on key dates within the program of a given project.

In addition, we provide generated reports to the onsite contractors allowing for a direct line of feedback.

These reports allow contractors to ask questions, learn and repeat approved systems throughout the project, and identify mistakes to rectify, such as before the installation of ceilings or walls that will make the issue more complex.

In addition, the support from these consultations allows for positive and effective communication that helps to avoid errors and rectify current issues quickly and efficiently.

Product Supply

Having the right products will help you achieve the best passive fire protection.

We specialise in supplying quality products that have been tried and field-tested by our team of technicians. Our products will give you peace of mind knowing that you have the best in the market.

Another reason why you can be confident that our product supply will suit your needs is that our products have been tested in areas lacking access and under varying conditions while retaining high-quality fire rating solutions. As a result, we now have an in- depth understanding of what products fit each situation.

Moreover, we have built relationships with trusted manufacturers who supply us with quality products that can service penetrations of differing sizes in various substrates, helping you achieve a fire rating level appropriate for the task at hand.

Our Services - Product Supply

Systems, Plant and Equipment

Receive the same level of service time and time again.


We care about our people’s safety and are deeply committed to maintaining a safety-first culture, which is why we have robust, compliant Workplace Health and Safety systems and standard operating procedures to achieve this.

As a result, our organisation has less downtime, operational disruptions, lower absenteeism, a more productive work environment, and work premises kept to the highest standards.

Additionally, we use industry-leading construction management software and paperless workflow systems to manage our projects more effectively and deliver informative and concise reports to our clients.

Furthermore, to guarantee consistency in our service offerings, we document, implement and monitor our quality control and compliance testing policies and procedures to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Plant and Equipment

Dove have a wide range of plant and equipment on hand and ready to be used to complete any task.

These include:

  • Vermiculite spray machines
  • Intumescent paint pumps
  • Pin welders
  • Elevated platform ladders
  • Scissor lifts
  • Numerous utility vehicles with tool compartments
  • A van, delivery truck and a forklift
  • Trailers

We also have an effective maintenance programme to ensure our plant and equipment remain reliable and fully operational.


The results of our work speak for themselves.
Experience - Metro Tunnel

Metro Tunnel




Metro Tunnel is a multibillion-dollar rail infrastructure project involving the construction of twin 9-kilometre rail tunnels between South Kensington and South Yarra and five new underground stations.

D&E Airconditioning Pty Ltd contracted Dove Passive Fire to do passive fire protection works on three of the new underground stations, namely Domain, Arden and Parkville.

Works involved installing mechanical duct protection using vermiculite fire spray and intumescent coatings, duct wrap installation and plenum construction.

Experience - La Trobe Hospital

La Trobe Hospital




Built Pty Ltd engaged Dove Passive Fire to do passive fire protection works during Stage 3A of the $223 million Latrobe Regional Hospital expansion project in Traralgon, Victoria.

Works included:

  • Vermiculite to beams and purlins along firewalls
  • Vermiculite to mech riser and steel frames
  • Intumescent paint to service link
  • Promat board to service link beam, column casing and wall lining


We do things the right way, first time, every time.

Health and Safety

Given the high-risk nature of our work, we take our obligations towards work, health and safety very seriously.

Our management team is proactive in complying with WHS laws. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure we comply with relevant WHS legislation, including, but not limited to, the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004.

We also promote a safety-first culture and prioritise maintaining a safe workplace for our staff members and contractors.

Quality Assurance

Our management team has implemented quality controls and regularly monitors performance to ensure we maintain a consistently high level of quality service.

We have also developed procedures for operations and ensure all staff and contractors comply with these procedures and specifications.

Dove Passive is a registered member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia.


Dove Passive Fire is covered by the following business insurance:

  • $20M Public Liability Insurance
    $20M Products Liability Insurance
  • $2M Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • $35M TPL Motor Vehicle and Plant and Equipment Insurance
  • Work Cover Insurance

For fire safety compliance solutions you can trust, think Dove.