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Integrity, Excellence and Transparency are the core values held at Dove. Our team have over a decade of experience in the Fire Industry and continue to challenge old standards and create new benchmarks. Determined to educate the industry on the importance of fire safety and eliminate misconceptions around passive fire that were created through poor communication and a lack of transparency. Dove collaborates with clients to seek the most cost effective solutions at both the design and installation stages.

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Fire Stopping Of Service Penetrations

Fire Boards And Fire Rated Batts

Fire Resistance Wraps For Ductwork

Hebel Blockwork And Panels

Fire Rated Access Points

Fire Resistant Paint Coatings

Fire Doors And Fire Door Frames

Problem Solving And Design Solutions

Essential Service Audits, Maintenance And Compliance Inspections

Vermiculite Fire Spray for Mechanical Ductwork and Structural Steel

Speed Panel

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Where do we get our products?

We have developed relationships with a variety of respected passive fire product manufacturers. Our technicians endorse these products themselves and are proud to supply them to you too.

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection is an integral part of structural fire protection within a building. This protection is achieved through the sealing of service penetrations, and installation of fire resistant doors and walls.

What are you trying to achieve?

We will install the correct systems for a given penetration. We determine these systems by identifying the required fire rating level, the service type, the material type of the service, and size of the penetration.

Great Service

We provides unrivalled customer service from the office to the building site combined with innovative, quality workmanship.

Expert Installation

Our team has over three decades of experience designing quality solutions that will save you both time and money.

Approved Installer

We are proud member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia and is 100% compliant with the applicable Australian Standards.

About Us

Dove Passive Fire was founded in 2018 with a small yet determined team led by Director Christopher Dove, who was inspired to create a Passive Fire company with one goal in mind – to become ‘The Destination Company’. The company that clients would look to first, building certifiers would recommend and rely on and the company that would attract the best and brightest team members within the fire protection industry.

Products for sale


Boards and Batts

  1. BB-50 BOSS Batt FR Mineral Fibre Coated Board
  2. BB 100 BOSS Flexi Batt 100mm thick
  3. Pig tail screw for binding BOSS Batts

Retrofit Collars

  1. Galvanized
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Maxi Collars - high performance

Wraps for insulating penetrations

  1. P40MAK-Wrap Foilfaced Rockwool Blanket 1m
  2. P40MAK-45 - Wrap FoilFaced Rockwool Blanket 4.5m roll
  3. TD-300 - Thermal Defence Wrap PW - 10m roll x 300mm
  4. TD-600 - Thermal Defence Wrap PW - 10m roll x 610mm
  5. TD-150 - Thermal Defence Wrap "Collar Roll" - 10m x 150mm

Duct wrap/ Fire Wrap

  1. DW615-12 - 3M 615+ FR Duct Wrap 1220mm- 7.62m x 1.22m x 38mm
  2. DW615-6 - 3M 615+ Duct Wrap 610mm - 7.62m x 610mm x 38mm
  3. FW-1220 - Morgan "Fast Wrap XL" FR Duct Wrap 1220mm - 7.52m x 1.22mx 38mm
  4. FW -610 - Morgan Fast Wrap XL FR Duct Wrap 610mm - 7.52m x 610mm x 38mm
  5. FT 96 - Aluminium Foil Tape 96mm - 96mm x 50m roll
  6. DW-4010 Steel Strapping - 12.7mm x 10kg ( 200m)
  7. DW - 4050 Seal for Strapping - Box 1000 - 13mm
  8. DW 4100 - Tensioning tool for 12mm strap
  9. Crimping Tool for strap ( suits 13mm stap)

Intumescent Pipe Wraps - 2 hr; 32mm to 200mm

Fire rated downlight covers - 200mm and 250mm

Fire Door Seals and Vents

Fire Transit Box - 150mm to 900mm

Mortar and Putty

Sealants & Mastic

LAF Group

Vermiduct (Mechanical Applications & Fire Stop)

Vermitex AF (Internal & FR Ceilings)

Support Products

  1. Trimesh Fixing washes
  2. Trimesh Sheets
  3. Quikmesh - per roll
  4. Sticky pin 2 clips ( 500/box)
  5. Redmesh - 1.60mm ( gauge) x 20mm ( square size) x 1.2m ( width) x 30 meters length
  6. IGNISTRIP - 200cm

Access Panels

  1. Unfilled Igniseal AP0 - Int -500"650 ext - 551"698 in mm
  2. Unfilled Igniseal AP1 - Int-327 463 ext - 418 548 in mm
  3. Unfilled Igniseal AP2 - Int-1989332 ext - 2899426 in mm
  4. Unfilled Igniseal AP3 - Int-1169206 ext - 1839291 in mm


Promaseal Bulk Head Batts and Accessories

Promatect Fire Boards

Promaseal Supawrap

Promaseal FlexiWrap

Backing rod

Promaseal Sealants

Promaseal Collars

  1. Promaseal Retrofit Collars
  2. Promastop UniCollar
  3. Promaseal Conduit Collar
  4. Promaseal Wall Collar
  5. Promaseal Floorwaste Collar

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