Service penetrations (Glossary Link) of varying types are present in many buildings. Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical penetrations are just a few of the common ones you may find within your building. These service penetrations can be sealed after the services have been installed with a range of products depending on the size of the penetration, your required fire rating level (FRL) (Glossary Link) and substrate(Glossary Link). We use products such as pillows, mortars, sealants, intumescent wraps, collars, batts and boards. and many more to help seal your pre existing service penetrations to achieve a (FRL) .

For new construction work that you are undertaking, we can guide you along the way with proper planning and foresight, to ensure that anticipated service penetrations are up to standards right from their installation. This helps to save you time and expenses, and keeps your penetrations up to the correct FRL. We also use a selection of products that assist us in preparing for your future service penetrations.

Regardless of the service type, penetration size, or required FRL, Dove Passive Fire has a fire stopping solution to meet your requirements.

We provide all aspects of consultation, testing and certification of Passive Fire systems.