We supply and install CAFCO 300 Vermiculite Spray by PROMAT as well as Vermiduct and Vermitex Fire protection Sprays by LAF. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier and accredited installer in Victoria of LAF Vermitex and Vermiduct products. Vermitex is a lightweight fire spray for substrates and Vermiculite is a fire spray for mechanical ductwork, electrical and data cable trays as well as fan enclosures and structural steel. Vermitex, a lightweight coating for substrates, is a fantastic non-combustible cementitious compound specially formulated to provide excellent passive fire protection by spraying directly onto substrates.

Formulated from naturally occurring materials as a blend of gypsum and vermiculite, Vermitex contains no known health hazards, although standard precautions for gypsum still apply. Moreover, it does not contain organic fibres and will not be affected by humidity levels in commercial and infrastructure buildings. Vermiduct is a lightweight, thin coating ideal for steel or polymer ducting, fan enclosures, plenums, wall penetrations, electrical and data cable trays, and separating construction. Being a developed gypsum-vermiculite product (plus trace chemical additives), it is non-combustible to AS 1530.1 and does not evolve smoke when tested to AS 1530.3.